Nomination for the CIVEA “Women in Enforcement” award.

Welfare Together News

We are extremely proud to announce that our own Tracey Stone has been nominated as a finalist for the “Women in Enforcement” award at the 2024 CIVEA Excellence Awards. The “Women in Enforcement” award showcases best practice in the enforcement sector and shines a spotlight on exceptional performance within the industry.

This is a great achievement and a real testament to the work that is done at Welfare Together. We help you to better support your customers that are already struggling with the cost of living or are vulnerable. We are dedicated to helping vulnerable individuals avoid getting into debt and give expert advice to those experiencing financial hardships.

Who is CIVEA?

CIVEA (Civil Enforcement Association) is the principal trade association representing civil enforcement agencies. CIVEA represents approximately 40 companies hat make up more than 95% of the enforcement industry.

CIVEA members work to enforce civil debt on behalf of local authorities and HMCTS. As local government finances are continuously being put under pressure, the work CIVEA members do is becoming increasingly important as a major source of revenue. This is because uncollected tax debts and fines results in less money for services and higher bills for paying residents.


Why is the CIVEA Conference important?

The CIVEA conference is solely dedicated to the work of Civil enforcement Agents and has become a pivotal event, bringing together industry, public bodies, regulators, and the third sector.

The conference highlights insightful discussions about how the recent changes in the sector are shaping our work. It also showcases how we can get creative to tackle the challenges of public sector debt recovery after the effects of the pandemic.

 We are really looking forward to the conference and the award. To find out more about CIVEA and the work that they do, please follow the link

Talk to us about how we can proactively support your customers that are facing debt issues or are vulnerable. Our ethos, our systems and our processes all focus on supporting your customers. We help them to manage their finances better and support them with realistic and manageable payment plans to repay their Local Authority debt.