Are you eligible for a social tariff?

Many people struggle with the rising cost of utilities, and water bills are no exception. But did you know there might be a way to significantly reduce your water bill if you’re on a lower income?


What is a social tariff?

Social tariffs are special discounted rates offered by water companies to support low-income households. These discounts can be substantial, potentially lowering your bill by up to 90%!

Am I eligible?

The eligibility criteria for social tariffs vary slightly between water companies, but typically, they’re available to households with an annual income below a certain threshold (around £21,000 in some cases). Being on specific benefits may also be a requirement for some providers.


How much can I save?

The potential savings are significant. On average, eligible households could save around £160 a year on their water bill, which can be a major help with managing household expenses.


How do I apply?

The process for applying for a social tariff is straightforward. Simply contact your water company directly. They will assess your situation based on your income and circumstances and advise you on eligibility and the application process.

Don’t miss out on this valuable support!

Millions of households across the UK are eligible for social tariffs but haven’t claimed them yet. If you’re on a lower income, it’s worth contacting your water company today to see if you qualify. This simple step could lead to significant savings on your water bill.


For a full list of what’s available from each water company, please visit Money Saving Experts website, link is below.